• How do I pay money into my account?

    If you own an account in another bank, use the printed forms or transfer facilities provided by the transferring bank. BCV's clearing number is 767. Please specify the following information when making your transfer:

    • Bank name: Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Lausanne
    • Bank clearing number: 767
    • BCV IBAN number: TradeDirect account __________

    If you are a BCV client, simply click on "My Account" > "Transfert" in the menu. It is free of charge.

  • Which products can I invest in, and what do I do if a given product is not available on the website?

    With TradeDirect, you have online access to financial products (stocks, ETFs, investment funds, structured products and bonds) in 25 major stock markets around the world, including in Switzerland, the US (Nasdaq, Dow Jones), Canada, and Europe (Xetra, Euronext, etc.). If you trade by phone, you can access 55 other markets too (BCV fees apply).
    If a product can be traded on exchanges that are accessible online but has not yet been traded using TradeDirect, a pop-up form will appear on the trading page. Just complete the form and submit it to start trading that product.

  • Does anyone else have access to my account via TradeDirect?

    It depends on you! If you are careless about your ID or password, you assume the risk that someone else informed about one of your security elements may have access to your personal data.

    If you become aware of a security gap, call imediately TradeDirect Customer Care at 0848 808 883 Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 10:00pm (CET).

    As soon as we are informed, we will imediately block the access to your account and send you a new ID and password.

    In addition, always LOG OFF after accessing your secured area.



0848 808 883

Our Customer Service Center is open Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 10pm.

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