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The information, in particular the opinions, mathematical results and technical analyses obtained by way of the selection and decision-making tools offered by BCV, such as theScreener, OptionRating and the AWP “market rumors” tool, are provided for information purposes only and shall not under any circumstances constitute an offer, advice or a recommendation to buy or sell a security or carry out any transaction; nor shall it constitute advice of any other nature. The analyses and recommendations provided by theScreener and OptionRating are not based on fundamental and/or technical analyses carried out by BCV. BCV makes these tools freely available to clients, without any commitment or liability on its part, in order to help clients make their own investment decisions. Any investment decisions made by clients are based exclusively on their own evaluation of their financial situation, their investment aims, the risk incurred and their own interpretation and judgment of the investment information. Clients take sole responsibility for the risk resulting from their investment decisions.
Name: Borsa Italiana Spa, Mercato Continuo Italiano
Domicile: IT
Exchange code: 46
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