Funds are a modern, professional way to manage your wealth. They provide optimum investment diversification and attractive rates.

TradeDirect offers more than 4,700 funds from fund providers around the world. Use our fund search tool to select the fund or funds matching your investment strategy in terms of your objectives and tolerance to risk.


TradeDirect offers all this at very attractive rates. You pay just CHF 6.90 in brokerage fees for each fund unit purchase up to CHF 750* and sales of fund units are free.**

In a nutshell, trading fund units on TradeDirect means:

  • Very attractive rates?brokerage fees of CHF 6.90 for investments up to CHF 750*
  • No fees on sales of fund units**
  • More than 4,700 funds from providers around the world
  • An effective, easy-to-use search tool.

*For transactions of more than CHF 750, please see the TradeDirect rate schedule.
**except for exchange-traded funds and hedge funds