Markets and Products

With TradeDirect you have access to:

  • 80 markets accessible through our operators
  • 25 exchanges accessible online
  • More than 100'000 products available

Markets and Products


Our site, designed especially for trading, allows you to track and trade your favorite securities.

  • 25 exchanges accessible online
  • Trades starting at CHF 6.90
  • Capital gains are generally not taxable*
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Warrants and derivativesWarrants and derivatives

Take advantage of the wide range of financial products on the market and find just the one for you

  • Leverage ratio up to 50
  • Products for bull, bear and uneven markets
  • Invest in all types of products: indexes, equities, forex, and more!
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The ideal way to back business and support society.

  • Nearly 5,000 government and corporate bonds available in Switzerland
  • Provide steady income on your investments
  • Diversify your portfolio
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Funds managed by financial market professionals

  • More than 4,700 funds worldwide
  • Intuitive search
  • No sales fees (except for exchange-traded funds and hedge funds)
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*Capital gains realized when transferring equities do not in principal constitute taxable income for individuals whose tax domicile is in Switzerland and who hold these securities as part of their private assets. This information provides only a general overview of the tax consequences for individuals residing in Switzerland when transferring securities. Laws and tax practices can change with retroactive effect. Investors should always consult with their tax advisor where appropriate for a specific evaluation of their profile before carrying out any transaction.