Easily access 25 exchanges

Receive quotes in real time or with a 15-minute delay.

The following is a list of the exchanges available:


Exchanges with a 15-minute delay
  • AMEX
  • Canada TSX et Venture Exchange
  • Xetra, Euronext Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Oslo
  • Frankfurt Parkett, EUWAX, Milan, London SETS
  • Brussels, Helsinki, Lisbon, Vienna, Copenhaguen, Stockholm


Exchanges available in real time
  • Six Swiss Exchange
  • Swiss Blue Chip Segment 
  • SIX Structured Products 



With TradeDirect, you get attractive rates and have access to a wide variety of securities on 25 different exchanges.

What’s more, our modern, easy-to-use interface makes it easy to find just what you’re looking for.
  • Standard search: A user-friendly tool that can be configured according to how you’d like to search (by name, ticker symbol, security number, etc.). Alphabetical search: Just enter the first couple of letters to find the stock you're looking for. Narrow the search further by specifying the market on which the security is traded.
  • Global indexes: Rapidly find the security you wish to trade via our global indexes page, which displays the components of major global indexes.
  • Stock listings: Use this menu view to compare stocks according to various criteria (by sector, by index, etc).
  • Trading: The trading page shows all the information about a particular security, allowing users to quickly find the information they need and act on it.