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Account documents

TradeDirect Membership Agreement*
TradeDirect Prospectus
Fee Schedule
Account-opening form for foreign-currency accounts*
Transfer order form for securities and cash*
TradeDirect Powers of Attorney*
*Please fill the PDF-form on your computer and print it out

Legal documents

TradeDirect Terms and Conditions of Use
Safe Custody Regulations
BCV's General Conditions
Client Advisory regarding commissions retrocessions and other benefits
BCV-net Terms and Conditions of Use
Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments
Appendix to the Tax residency self-certification form

Tax documents

Form W8-BEN*
Estate tax on US and UK securities
EU Tax Form ? Taxation of Savings Income in the form of Interest Payments ? Beneficial Owner*
Information-Exchange Declaration ? EU Taxation of Savings*
*Please fill the PDF-form on your computer and print it out