Our precautions 

TradeDirect security

TradeDirect uses the latest technology to provide optimum online security.

Our two-factor authentication system means that only you and those you authorize have access to your accounts. Users are validated via a text message code and all sessions are encrypted.

Our precautions


To provide users with a high level of security, data is encrypted using a SSL Certificate from VeriSign. This system ensures that users' confidential data is strictly protected by 256-bit encryption. However, not even the most advanced system can guarantee absolute security. Unfortunately, it is often the user's computer that is the least secure component. There is always the risk that the user's computer may be infected by with a virus while online. It is therefore essential for users to work solely with software provided by highly reputable sources.

User authentication

Users are authenticated on the TradeDirect server via a text-message code. When you are finished, don't forget to click on "Log off" to properly end your TradeDirect session.

Account lockout

You will be locked out of your account if you enter an incorrect password 4 times or an invalid code 5 times. If you have reason to believe that someone will try to gain unauthorized access to your account, you can purposely block access to your account by entering an incorrect password four times or an invalid code five times. In either case, contact Customer Care on 0848 808 883 or info@tradedirect.ch.


After 10 minutes of inactivity, your session will automatically time out to prevent anyone else from using the site if you leave your computer unattended. If you wish to reconnect, you must enter your user ID and password again. For more information, contact Customer Care on 0848 808 883 or info@tradedirect.ch.

General information

TradeDirect uses a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with 256-bit encryption for all data exchanged on its webpages. 256-bit SSL encryption ensures that data exchanged on the internet remains confidential and complete. TradeDirect is a registered trademark of BCV, a major Swiss bank. BCV has more than CHF 75 billion in assets under management and is one of only a handful of banks to be rated AA.