Why choose us ?

  • We have been experts in online trading since 1999.
  • We are part of BCV, a leading cantonal bank with over CHF 85bn in AuM at end-2014.
  • We deliver superior customer satisfaction, leveraging the latest trading technology and providing top-notch service.

Contact us: TradeDirect, CP 9705, 1001 Lausanne Phone: 0848 808 883 Email: info@tradedirect.ch

Why choose us

TradingThe online trading experts

  • BCV launched TradeDirect (initially called e-SIDER) in 1999.
  • Originally intended for BCV customers, it rapidly attracted other retail investors from across the country. However it is open exclusively to investors based in Switzerland.
  • Today over 10,000 people use TradeDirect. Backed by 15+ years of experience, our staff has in-depth knowledge of customers’ needs and investment objectives – and develops the right online trading services to meet them.

SécuritéOur promise

  • To offer some of the most competitive rates in Switzerland. The lower our fees, the higher your returns.
  • To develop powerful trading tools that let you invest under optimal conditions.
  • To provide maximum security through a platform developed and hosted in Switzerland.
  • To give you unparalleled customer service with experts available to answer your questions in French, German, and English from 7:30am to 10:00pm Monday to Friday.

ActionsWhat you get

When you sign up with TradeDirect, you get:

  • An online trading platform backed by BCV – one of the few banks in the world with a AA rating from Standard & Poor's.
  • A service regulated by Switzerland's stringent banking rules and protected by the country's deposit guarantee of up to CHF 100,000 per customer per bank.
  • Support from knowledgeable professionals employed by TradeDirect right here in Switzerland.