-27.22 (-0.26%)
+156.37 (+1.28%)
Dow Jones
+185.28 (+0.63%)
CAC 40
+63.09 (+1.14%)
+91.14 (+0.69%)

From 30 November to 18 December 2020

Crazy weeks on TradeDirect

Every time you execute an order on TradeDirect you’ll get a chance to win a prize worth up to CHF 1,000

One order executed on TradeDirect = One chance to win

Every order on TradeDirect increases your chance to win

Week 1:

Win a Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G (128GB)
worth CHF 921


Rules and conditions of participation

You will be automatically entered in this promotion whenever you execute a trade on TradeDirect. This applies only to orders executed before 10pm (when US markets close). Only stock market orders will be eligible for the drawing; account-to-account transfers are excluded.
The drawing will take place at BCV’s Administrative Center in Prilly. Winners will be notified via the BCV-net secure messaging system. This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer. Participants can only win once. Trading orders placed by telephone are not eligible. This promotion is open to all Swiss residents aged 18 or over, except for BCV Group employees and their family members. No correspondence regarding this promotion will be entered into with participants. Participants waive their right to legal recourse.

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Get the most out of the markets with TradeDirect

Brokerage fees starting at just CHF 6.90

A top-notch service backed by Switzerland’s second-largest cantonal bank

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Access to 25 markets around the world

TradeDirect gives you access to the market ratings and analyses issued by theScreener. This independent, Swiss-based service provides risk assessments, picks out investment opportunities, and offers model portfolios that are aligned with your chosen investment strategy.


Track markets and invest on the go

With the TradeDirect app, you can receive market alerts, simulate different portfolio allocations, place buy and sell orders, and keep on top of your transactions.

AWP Top News
Top News/Marchés et bourses   01-Dec-2020 21:41:40

Wall Street continue sur son élan: le Nasdaq et le S&P 500 à des records

New York (awp/afp) - Wall Street a poursuivi mardi sur son élan de novembre, son meilleur mois depuis 1987, emmenant le Nasdaq et le S&P 500 à de nouveaux records en clôture, dans un marché optimiste sur l'arrivée de vaccins et un potentiel plan de soutien à l'économie américaine.

Selon des résultats définitifs à la clôture, le S&P 500, l'indice le plus représentatif du marché américain, a ...