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Why invest with a trading platform?

Investing with a trading platform has a number of advantages. A trading platform gives you access to the financial markets and helps you diversify your savings by letting you trade a wide variety of products (stocks, ETFs, funds, structured products, etc.) on an array of markets (such as the SIX Swiss Exchange, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Euronext Paris, the NYSE, and the Nasdaq).

When you use a specialized app or website, you also get access to tools built specifically for online trading – all at a low price.

TradeDirect, your Swiss trading platform

TradeDirect’s platform is simple, accessible, and compatible with all of your devices. It’s designed to help you manage your accounts and invest your money efficiently.

You can use the platform to trade in real time on the 35 major global markets in your browser or via the app.

It’s also backed by the second-largest Swiss cantonal bank, so you can rest easy knowing you have a trustworthy local partner for your investing.

Your investments at a glance

With our overview, you can easily track how your investments are doing, from individual stocks to portfolio performance to analyses of your securities from theScreener.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the markets

To make the most of your investments, you need to be able to act quickly. TradeDirect’s security factsheets give you all the key information on the securities you want to trade (e.g., news, quotes, and charts) so that you can make your decision and place an order in just a few clicks.

  • buy/sell prices and volumes
  • market, limit, stop, and stop-limit orders (depending on the market)
  • orderbook
  • information on the security (dividends, dividend yield, market cap, etc.) 
  • performance data, e.g., year-to-date performance

Get new investment ideas with theScreener

TheScreener is an advanced search tool that can help you find securities in line with your investment strategy (dividends, sectors, markets, etc.).

Twice weekly, theScreener also suggests new investment opportunities and produces model portfolios for the main global markets.


  • advanced search engine
  • trading opportunities
  • overall evaluation of securities
  • upside potential and downside risk
  • suggestions for alternative securities model portfolios, e.g., based on the SIX Swiss Exchange or the Nasdaq

Analyze, simulate, invest

Run a simulation of your investment strategy with the watchlist function, and never miss an opportunity thanks to alerts for specific indices and securities.


  • watchlists
  • portfolio simulations 
  • market alerts by text or e-mail

Stay on top of market news

The news directly influences the movement of individual securities, currencies, and entire markets. With TradeDirect, you have easy access to all the latest financial news and can strike when the moment’s hot.

Some examples of trading news we provide:

  • market rumors
  • corporate earnings
  • commodities news
  • currency-market news
  • economic calendar

Make sense of your portfolio’s performance

Our visual tools give you an overview of a security’s historical performance and help you analyze trends. TradeDirect provides several types of charts, from basic line graphs showing how a security’s price has evolved over time to more complex graphs used for technical or chart analyses.


- simple line chart

- advanced charts:

  • performance (by price or percentage)
  • trend line
  • Bollinger band
  • directional movement index (DMI)
  • parabolic stop and reverse (SAR)
  • relative strength index• stochastic oscillator• momentum
  • pivot point
  • moving average
  • Fibonacci pivot 

Brokerage fees

Order amount

Swiss market 


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European markets 


0-750 6.90 9.90 19.90
750- 2000 17.90 21.90 19.90
2000 - 10 000 29.90 32.90 29.90
10 000 - 15 000 44.90 44.90 44.90

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