Your trading specialist

  • BCV launched its TradeDirect platform in 1999, initially under the name
  • TradeDirect started out as a service for BCV customers only but quickly attracted a broader set of customers, all resident in Switzerland.
  • Today, TradeDirect serves more than 10,000 individual investors across Switzerland. With over 20 years of experience, our teams have a deep understanding of what customers need and how to develop the right services for them.

A BCV product

BCV Group in a nutshell:

  • More than 175 years of banking experience
  • The largest bank in Vaud Canton and among the top five full-service banks in Switzerland
  • Approximately 2,000 employees
  • Total assets of CHF 93 billion

TradeDirect is backed by BCV, a leading Swiss banking group with a strong client focus.

Qualified employees

At TradeDirect, you benefit from the experience and professionalism of dedicated employees:

  • All TradeDirect staff are BCV employees
  • They are therefore subject to banking secrecy and BCV's code of ethics
  • All TradeDirect employees have received basic bank training and advanced job-specific training

Compliance with banking secrecy:

Like everyone else who works in the banking sector, all TradeDirect employees are subject to banking secrecy. Banking secrecy is:

  • The obligation to keep all information about clients and their accounts strictly confidential
  • A duty governed by Swiss administrative, civil and criminal law